Myth And Memory

By The Reelies

  1. Raggle Taggle Gypsies
  2. Flight Of The Fairies
    The Stolen Child
  3. The Sleepless Reels
  4. The Mermaid’s Tale
  5. Tom O’ Bedlam
  6. The Sweetest Joy
  7. Star Of The County Down
  8. As I Roved Out
  9. Matty Groves
  10. Oak, Ash And Thorn
  11. Siul A Ruin
  12. The Fairy Wives Reels

Three comments

Myth and Memory

A musical exploration of traditional Irish aires, English ballads, and the lively reels and strathspeys of Scotland, "Myth and Memory" brings the melodies and memories of the Celtic lands to life in a vibrant new voice. Featuring Erika Lieberman’s hauntingly beautiful renditions of "The Sweetest Joy", "Siul a ruin", "The Mermaid’s Tale" and "As I Roved Out" along with Jeff Kalmar’s lusty performances of "Raggle Taggle Gypsies" , "Oak and Ash and Thorn", and the Reelie foot-stomping favorite, "Tom of Bedlam", the group blends vocal harmonies with inspired instrumentals, including harp, bodhran, guitar, mandolin and JoAnna Farrer’s fiery fiddling.

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