Mar A Tha Mo Chridhe

By Julie Fowlis

  1. Oganaich Uir A Rinn M’Fhagall
  2. Tha Mo Ghaol Air A’Chuain
  3. Biodh An Deoch Seo ’n Laimh Mo Ruin
  4. The Thornton
    Chloe’s Passion
    Are You Ready Yet?
    Tommy Peoples’
  5. Tha Caolas Eadar Mi ’s Iain
  6. Ged A Sheol Mi Air M’Aineol
  7. John O’Groat’s House
    Traditional Irish (The New Custom House)
    The Ladies Pantalettes
  8. Mo Bhean Chomain
  9. Siud Mar Chaidh An Cal A Dholaigdh
    Nam Biodh Agam Gioball Bodaich
    Gobha Bh’ann A Hogha Gearraidh
  10. A Mhaighdeannan ’s A Mhnathan Og
  11. Seonaidh’s Tune
    ’S Daor An Tabac
    Lumsden’s Rant
  12. Moladh Uibhist

Seven comments

Julie Fowlis. Mar A Tha Mo Chridhe (As My Heart Is)

Macmeanmna. SKYECD 33. 2005

It is one of the best albums I have heard this year. Her voice is truly mind blowing.

Better than that

I’d say this is the best recording by any Scottish musician in the past 10 years, and also the best Scottish whistle playing I’ve yet heard recorded. Julie is very ably assisted by some excellent guest musicians , including Eamon Doorley and Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh of “Danu”. If you only ever buy 1 recording of Scottish music, make sure this is it.

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Can anyone give me an idea of how to pronounce the album title? (I’m not a gaelic speaker.)

Somehow Julie Fowlis passed me by and I only discovered her today. What a voice.

Re: Mar A Tha Mo Chridhe

I love this album! It has so many great songs and puirt-à-beul in it.