Irish Jigs

By Paul Hutchinson, John Hymas And Tony Harris

  1. When Sick Is It Tea You Want?
    The Kneebuckle
  2. The Curragh Races
    The Scholar
  3. The Maid Behind The Bar
  4. The Kesh
    The Monaghan
  5. The Milliner’s Daughter
  6. St. Ann’s
    The Banshee
  7. Merrily Kissed The Quaker
  8. The Road To Navan
  9. Tripping Up The Stairs
    My Darling Asleep
  10. Sonny’s
  11. The Fairy
  12. The Strawberry Blossom
  13. The Greencastle
  14. Cooleen Bridge
  15. The Carrick Tinker
  16. Ballydesmond #2

Four comments

My first ITM CD ever, and still a favourite. Produced by SUNSET FRANCE in their "airmail music" series.
The funny thing about this disk is that they have a title to each track that has nothing to do with the common name of any of the tunes. In my listing I entered the tune names except where I couldn’t find any, which is tracks 8 and 15.

Another funny thing - they’re not all jigs either



"The fairy" is the reel (not the slip jig which is linked).