Playing With Fire: The Celtic Fiddle Collection

By Various Artists

  1. Reel Beatrice
    The Abbey
  2. The Sprig Of Shillelagh
    Planxty Penny
  3. Two Reels
  4. Lord Gordon’s
  5. The Foggy Dew
  6. Miss Ramsey
    Miss Lyall’s
    The Old Copperplate
  7. Waltz From Orsa
  8. In And Out Of The Harbour
  9. The Rolling Waves
    The Market Town
    Scatter The Mud
  10. Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie
    Father Francis Cameron
  11. Marquis Of Huntley
    The Mathematician
  12. Con Cassidy’s Highland
    Neilly O’Boyle’s Highland
  13. Gavotten
  14. Waulkin‘ O’ The Fauld
  15. Carraigin Ruadh
  16. The Curlew
    Three Scones Of Boxty

Three comments

Playing with Fire

I’ve had this album in tape form since 80’s, and have never stopped listening to it (especially Brendan Mulvihill’s “In and out the Harbour”). I performed a search here at The Session for it, but only got results for an album by Dervish of the same title. So, I took the liberty of providing it, however sparse in tunes it may be. Hopefully, some of the tunes listed in the ‘details’ will find there way here at The Session. I guess it’s a start.

Track list update.

I changed the names of some of the track titles after doing a search, and many of the songs on this album are here at the Session, just under varriations of the titles.

“Playing With Fire: The Celtic Fiddle Collection” ~ the artists

1.)_ Liz Carroll
2.)_ Seamus Connolly
3.)_ Maeve Donnelly
4.)_ Kevin Burke
5.)_ Eugene O’Donnell
6.)_ Brian Conway, Tony DeMarco
7.)_ Seamus & Manus McGuire
8.)_ Brendan Mulvihill
9.)_ Kevin Burke
10.) Eileen Ivers
11.) Sean Keane
12.) Mairéad ní Mhaonaigh
13.) Christian Lemaitre
14.) John Cunningham
15.) Seamus Connolly
16.) Mairéad ní Mhaonaigh, Paul O’Shaughnessy