Dancing To Jigs And Reels

By Various Artists

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Dancing to Jigs and Reels

Surprisingly excellent compilation produced and sold by The National Trust (England). Not sure what year but probably around 2004

National Trust of England ??

They may be selling it, but I’m pretty sure I recognise the sets in this as a compilation of tracks taken from various Green Linnet recordings. Did they credit the artistes ? And they certainly didn’t produce it.
eg - Track 2 I’d say is Kevin Burke & Michael O’Dhomnaill
Track 3 is Gerry Trimble
Track 10 is by "The Irish Tradition"
Track 14 is "Buttons & Bows"
Track 15 is Mick Moloney
Are you telling us that The National Trust of England are indulging in a bit of boot-legging?

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