Rough Music

By Eliza Carthy

Two comments

Rough Music

"This album is the end result of two years of touring, eating, drinking and laughing and coming up with odd names for bands. Rough music is also a term for music that doesn’t necessarily conform to the metronome: that stretches, that beats with humans."

Cobbler’s Hornpipe

The Cobbler’s hornpipe on this album is the three-two, not the polka that links from the tune list. Here’s the ABC from Richard Robinson’s ABC tunebook:

X: 27
T:Cobbler’s hornpipe
A:Wyresdale, Lancashire
B:A John Winder Book, April 1789
N:Yes, the graces are slurred from the previous note
Z:Richard Robinson <URL:>;
%%graceslurs 0
F4 D2(EF) (GF)(ED) | E2(C4{C}) G2F2E2 |\
F3G A2(GF) (EF)(GE) | A,2(D4{D}) F2E2D2 ::
d4 def2 e2d2 | e2(c4{c}) g2 f2e2 |\
f3g a2(gf) (ef) (ed) | A2(d4{d}) F2E2D2 :|