By Martin O’Connor

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  1. Off the Wall
    Up and Away
  2. The Bumblebee
    The Happy Hornpipe
  3. Lucca’s Waltz
  4. Corkscrew Hill
  5. Annaghdown Pier
  6. Liquid Sunshine
  7. Chatterbox
  8. Amelan
  9. Maam Turk
  10. The Cocoon
  11. Rock Solid
    Boxwood Walk
  12. Inchagoill
  13. Wind in the Woods
  14. Cat Chase Mouse

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One of the best records in contemporary Irish music

one of the best records in contemporary Irish music made by a master

Brid Harper and Dermot Byrne Live In Concert - how to get a copy?

I met Brid years ago in Glencolumbcille and really liked the way she played - luckily, because she was teaching the class I ended up in at the summerschool. She took a long break from playing to have a family I believe and I always wondered if she would ever get round to recording so you can imagine my joy at seeing this recording referenced here. But woe! I cant seem to find much stock out there in the music shops. Anyone have any idea how I could get a copy of this recording? Thanks a heap… Dwight

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