Perpetual Motion

By Martin O’Connor

Added by Yooval .
  1. Fandango
  2. Rags To Rock N’ Roll
  3. Happy Hours
  4. Carnival Of Venice
  5. Perpetual Motion
  6. Ebra
  7. Emerald Blues
  8. Cajun Medley
  9. Beau St. Waltzes
  10. Bulgarian
  11. Sophie From Sofia
  12. Midnight On The Water
  13. Hound Dog

Three comments

Re: Perpetual Motion

Happy Hours: I believe the recording is mistitled and is, in fact, a version of the tune J.B. Milne.

Re: Perpetual Motion

The second tune in that set is definitely “J B Milne” by Angus Fitchet. The first is not the “Happy Hours” that I know.

Re: Perpetual Motion

The first tune is a version of an American tune “Birdie”, but you’re right - he’s made a mistake about “Happy Hours” - “J B Milne” it is.