By Alan Kelly

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Piano accordion playing

one of the best piano accordion players in Irish music

I don’t have this recording, but I’ve read about it and heard sound clips from it. Interesting stuff, but if you’re looking for pure drop, this isn’t it. This is probably pretty evident from the tune list, but I thought I would just give the heads up for anybody unfamiliar with this album.

Great album. All amazing musicians and great production by the master McGlynn.Cant wait for the next one!

The Details only give the names of the tracks on the cd.

The list of tunes are:

1. Eva’s Reel
2. The Wing Flapper
Grier’s Slip Jig
3. Salamanca Samba
4. Earl Grey
Campbletown Loch I wish you were whiskey
5. Leaving Haines
Johnny McGreevey’s Jig
6. The Pride of Rathmore
Micho Russell’s Reel
7. The Plane of the Plank
Hanley’s Tweed
8. Reminiscing
9. Jim Donoghue’s Reel
Martin Wynne’s No. 3
Palmer’s Gate
10. The Collier’s
Paddy Taylor’s Reel
11. Flowers of the Forest

Get a fresh ambitious non pure trad listen at that : top class music with incredible arrangements. It definitely sails way beyond usual shores. Yet top class Irish box playing. Wow !

Alan Kelly - Piano accordion.
Arty McGlynn - Guitar
Nollaig Casey - Fiddle/viola
Rod McVey - Hammond Organ, Piano.
James Blennerhassett - Upright bass
Liam Bradley - Drums, Percussion.
John Kelly - Fiddle.
Jimmy Higgins - Bodhran (track 9).
Seán Smyth - Fiddle (track 2).
Jesse Smith - Fiddle (track 10).
Richie Buckley - Saxophone.
Daniel Healy - Trumpet (tracks 2,11).
Mike Nolan - Trumpet (tracks 1,3,7).

Produced by Arty McGlynn
Recorded @ LG Studios, Longford, Mar - Dec 1999
Engineered By Paul Gurney
Additional recording by
Mixed by Ciaran Byrne @ Marguerite Studios, Dublin
Mastered by Ciaran Byrne and Aidan Foley at Digital Pigeon, Dublin

Seán Smyth appears courtesy of Green Linnet Records
Jesse Smith appears courtesy of Shanachie Records

Alan plays Saltarelle accordions
Tuned by Brendan Mulhaire

Photos by Melissa Mannion: Email
Design by A&D, Galway

Track Notes

1. Eva’s Reel (Alan Kelly Cop.Con.)
I composed this tune 3 years ago in London and dedicate it to Eva McGrath.

2. The Wing Flapper (Alan Kelly Cop.Con.) / Grier’s Slip Jig (Trad)
The first slip jig is another recent composition of my own and the second I learned from Brendan Breathnach’s Ceol Rince na hEireann volume 4. One of the main contributors to this book was Stephen Grier, a fiddler and Uilleann piper from Farnaght, Co. Letrim, who wrote his manuscripts in the 1880’s

3. Salamanca Samba (Arty McGlynn PRS/MCPS)
A recent composition from Arty, which feels made for the piano accordion

4. Earl Grey (Trad) /Campbletown Loch I wish you were whiskey (Trad)
The first tune is an 18th century stratspey from the east coast of Scotland. Thanks to Donald Shaw from the Scottish band Capercaille, for suggesting this tune. The Jig, also Scottish, is a version of a song by the same name. I learned this tune from my good friend, banjo player Brian McGrath, from Co. Fermanagh.

5. Leaving Haines (Alan Kelly Cop.Con.) /Johnny McGreevy’s Jig (Trad)
The air I named after a beautiful small town in Alaska and the second tune is associated with Johnny McGreevy, the fiddle player from Chicago

6. The Pride of Rathmore (Trad) / Micho Russell’s Reel (Trad)
Two of my favourite reels. The Pride of Rathmore has recently acquired a 3rd part, which was originally the 1st part of another reel called The Girls of Farranfore. The second reel is associated with the legendary Micho Russell.

7. The Plane of the Plank (Liz Carroll, ASCAP) / Hanley’s Tweed (Trad)
This hornpipe was composed by the Chicago fiddler Liz Carroll and recorded on the album Trian. Hanley’s Tweed, another of my favourite reels, was recorded by the group Fisherstreet.

8. Reminiscing (Arty McGlynn PRS/MCPS)
Another great composition of Arty’s.

9. Jim Donoghue’s Reel (Trad) / Martin Wynne’s No. 3 (Martin Wynne) / Palmer’s Gate (Joe Liddy)
My brother John joins us on the flute for these well-known reels. The first one is associated with Jim Donoghue, a whistle player from Co. Sligo and we learned it from Roscommon fiddler Paddy Ryan. Martin Wynne’s no.3 was learned from another great Roscommon musician, flautist John Carlos. The fiddle player Joe Liddy, who composed the third tune, came from Killargue Co. Letrim.

10. The Colliers (Trad) / Paddy Taylor’s Reel (Paddy Taylor & Martin Wynne)
Bill the Weaver was the father of Denis Murphy and Julia Clifford, two of the great Kerry fiddle players while the third tune is from Seán Coughlan, a box player from West Kerry.
Trad arr. Beginish, Arty McGlynn

11. Flowers of the Forest (Trad Finland)
This popular Finnish tune is normally played as a waltz. Thankfully this salsa version was well received on a recent trip to Finland!

Thank You
Saltarelle Accordions, Martín O’Connor, John Cook @ Tara Music, Jim Higgins, Rose Parkinson and the Galway Arts Festival, Tommy Keane, Kevin Hough, Kieran Gilmore @ Moving Arts Productions, Becky Morris @ Smallworld Music, Jimmy Keane, Mick Barry @ MBE, Tommy and Louise @ The Burren, Frank Kilkelly, Damian Evans, Yoko Nozaki @ The Music Plant Tokyo, Seán Smith, Charlie Lennon, Trevor Hutchinson, Brian McGrath, Billy Durkin @ Hemisphere Travel, Michael Walsh @ Club Cheoil France, John Mannion @ The Róisín Dubh, Judy Murphy, Michael Meade, Donald Shaw, Eric Cunningham, Vine Turunen, Mirella Murray, Laoise Kelly, Liz and Yvonne, Larry Hynes, Melissa Mannion and of course Mum and Dad.

Special thanks to Arty McGlynn for creating the team, the atmosphere and above all for his production. Ciaran Byrne and all the musicians, for their huge input into this album. .