Three Sunsets

By Mirella Murray And Tola Custy

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  1. Comronalty
    Ashe Road
    Terry Crehan’s
  2. Three Sunsets : Three Sunsets
    Archie The Flying Beast
  3. French Canadian
    Dans An Dro
    Vicki’s World
  4. Valentine
  5. Aube Mauve
  6. Reel Le Blanc
    Fiddle Fever
    The Harris Dance Tune
  7. Gavotte
    Solid Ground
    Boules Le Guirlandes
  8. The False Knight Of The Road
  9. Gambit’s
    Witty Dreamer
  10. Salbohedsvalsen
  11. Diamond Hill
    Bach A Mhác
  12. The Torn Jacket
    Bela Fleck’s

Seven comments

Mirella - a great accordion player

great accordion and fiddle playing from Mirella and Tola, eclectic mixture of tunes, set in tight arrangement of style.

I think I saw her playing in Galway town several times. In Taaffes and Monroes, probably.

It is a beautiful album and has cracking tunes on it.

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Three Sunsets

i recentley purchased a wonderful cd called Three Sunsets by Mirella Murray and Tola Custy. Does anybody know if they plan to tour England in the near future?

Actually Michaelob - last I heard Mirella was in Cherish the Ladies and living half her time in the US. I’m not sure that Mirella and Tola ever tour together. But I can find out for you.

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They are not touring together at the moment because they are both very busy on different projects.One of my all time favourit albums!