Another Setting

By The House Band

  1. Sadam’s
    Kulsko Horo
  2. The Rocky Road To Dublin
  3. A Tankard Of Ale
    The Lads Of Alnwick
  4. William Taylor
  5. Hanter Droiou
  6. Alice
  7. Jigjazz
  8. The Setting
  9. Grimstock
  10. Tom Hark
    African Market Place
  11. The Slip Jigs And Reels
  12. The Return To Chernobyl
    The Humours Of Westport
    Master MacLeod’s
    The Twin Katies

One comment

Great album from the House Band from 1994.

Note: Hanter Droiou - The notes did not name the three tunes from this track just that they are all Hanter Dro tunes from the ‘Pays Vannetaise’ in Brittany. If anyone knows the names of them let me know and I will add them.