Tony O’Connell and Andy Morrow with Arty McGlynn

By Tony O’Connell And Andy Morrow

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Powerful album

This is grand stuff from the lads - including Arty Mc Glynn with some great guitar accompaniment.

Fiddler Andy Morrow’s elder brother is Tom (of Dervish fame), though there’s not much to choose between them in the excellence stakes.

Concertina player Tony O’Connell is a fine fast and technically precise player - reminds me of Mícheál Ó Raghallaigh.

Some great music here - see their website at and listen to a couple of tunes.

Excellent musicians, brilliant music. 😀

Only down side for me ~ the Guitar is sometimes just too high in the mix! 🙁

Re: Tony O’Connell And Andy Morrow

Endures hundreds of listenings!