When All Is Said And Done

By Danu

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Realease Date: April 26th 2005.

Danu’s new CD, “When All Is Said and Done”

I LOVE Danu, and I just got their new CD… AND IT IS AWESOME!!! I love the 2nd track on the CD, Follow On. It is a beautiful song. I already learned it!

It is great, I like the Around the House set it has a very Old Timey feel at the begining. I also like how the Singer does more Whistle and Flute playing on this Album.

Good but the new Danu DVD is awesome

I’ll have to come back to this album, as I bought their new DVD, “One Night Stand.” WOW!!! I consider it the very best of everything that Danu has ever offered the public of themselves. I would highly recommend it to everyone.