When All Is Said And Done

By Danu

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Realease Date: April 26th 2005.

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Danu’s new CD, "When All Is Said and Done"

I LOVE Danu, and I just got their new CD… AND IT IS AWESOME!!! I love the 2nd track on the CD, Follow On. It is a beautiful song. I already learned it!

It is great, I like the Around the House set it has a very Old Timey feel at the begining. I also like how the Singer does more Whistle and Flute playing on this Album.

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Good but the new Danu DVD is awesome

I’ll have to come back to this album, as I bought their new DVD, "One Night Stand." WOW!!! I consider it the very best of everything that Danu has ever offered the public of themselves. I would highly recommend it to everyone.