Up At The Crack Of Noon

By Ciúnas

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Who they are & Website

Ciúnas is a tremedously great new group in the Los Angeles area. They put lots of energy into their traditional repertoire, and their evident enjoyment of playing is clearly transmitted to their audience.

This is their first album, with two vocal tracks by two different members of the band.

Their website, http://www.ciunas.net/ has mp3 samples of the CD available, as well as their schedule, etc.

Track 2

Thanks for posting this, Jesse. I’m glad you enjoyed the cd so much.

One quick correction:
We call the second tune on the second track Marla’s slip jig. Marla Fibish is our tune source and no one could find a name for tune. If anyone knows it, you can post it in the tunes section of this site(The tune is already posted under Gan Ainm).