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Nobody has commented on this album yet, even though it certainly deserves praise. This is the Chieftains from the mid/late 1970s, before they started trying to record with every celebrity they could find. Some of the sets are from previous albums, some aren’t. And the solos are terrific. The atmosphere is loads of fun, with a lot of cheering and stage patter, yelping during the tunes, etc. But, Martin Fay and Derek Bell could also make things quiet and tender. All around terrific.

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Three Kerry Slides

I believe the three slides to be :
John Kelly’s Slide / Merrily Kiss The Quaker / Dennis Murphy’s Slide

Vintage Chieftans

This to me is the real Chieftans (I got their No2 Album in the late sixties which was equally good - tunes like Tie the Bonnet, Little Bag of Spuds, O‘Rourke’s and Irish Girl reels, etc) before their watered down period of mixes with Sting, Sinéad O’Connor, etc. Overlooking this “fusion period” there’s no doubt but that they have contributed greatly to the trad scene for around forty years or so.

Ríl Mhór

Does anybody know the names of the tunes in the last set on this album?

I couldn’t find the album, but heard the Chieftains play these 2 reels live many times. Pretty sure that’s how they finished - “The Big Reel Of Kerry [ or Ballynacally ]”, followed by “Callaghan’s”.
Someone with the record can confirm or refute.

A very belated thank-you to Kenny.

I’m sorry this reply is two years late, but thank you, Kenny.