Shady Woods

By Desi Wilkinson

  1. My Lagan Love
  2. Lisburn Lass
    Poll Ha’Penny
  3. The Long Woman
  4. An Ghille Dubh Dhonn
    Braes Of Lougheil
  5. Le Petit Bal De La Marine
  6. Marc Perrone’s
  7. Ar Gemenerez Yaouank
    Peacock’s Feather
  8. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  9. Shady Woods
  10. Bàn Chnoic Eireann-ò
  11. Three Scones Of Boxty

Two comments


Posted 7 years ago, and not a single comment, even from the guy who posted it. This was Desi’s “chill-out” album, as he once described it to me. It’s almost all airs and slower tunes from several traditions - even the last set of reels are slowed down. A unique - and very bold album, as it must have been very difficult to market a traditional Irish flute album with no jigs, hornpipes, and only 2 slow reels on it.
He plays a variety of flutes made by Sam Murray, Martin Doyle and Patrick Olwell.
The reason I’ve posted this is that I’ve just noticed that it is available on iTunes.