Live 2004

By Planxty

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“The Good Sheep Kangaroo”

Is that anything like a pigeon rat?

isnt it ‘The good Ship Kangaroo’??

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planxty vicar street reels

does anyone know the name of any of the tunes in the set the vicar street reels on the 2004 planxty album!? thanks!

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Re: Vicar Street reels

I think the first reel is “Jenny’s Wedding” and is also on Planxty’s “The Well Below the Valley”. Don’t know what the second one is. Love this album!

what is the reel played by Liam O`Flynn in middle of The Good Ship Kangaroo ?

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The Kildareman’s Fancy

Does anybody know where I can find any sheet music for this song, or a different name under which I can find it?

Kildareman`s Fancy

The Kildareman`s Fancy is a set of 3 tunes:
Jenny`s Wedding, The virginia (“some people call it The Virginian, but it`s not!”), & Garret Barry`s Reel.
All of these tunes are on this site, the correct Garret Barrys Reel is the one listed as Ador, even though it sounds like it is Gmaj.

The 2nd tune in the 3rd track of “Planxty Live 2004”

Hello, everyone:
Having listened many times to the 3rd track of Planxty 2004 album, now I play this tune, which follows The Clare Jig (or Mug of Brown Ale). But, what a pity that I can’t figure out the name of it ! Anyone, please?

Re: The 2nd tune in the 3rd track of “Planxty Live 2004”

Haven’t heard the album. Post a few ABC bars.


does anyone know where i can find the notes to planxty’s tune they play in there live 2004 (starting gate) because the notes don’t sem to be on the datebase

cheers in advance

Vicar street / Kildareman’s Fancy tune names

I think the Jenny’s Wedding / The Virginia / Garret Barry’s set is track 6, not track 11….so what are the tunes in Kildareman’s Fancy - the second is very familiar but I can’t put a name to it.

Kildareman’s Fancy

Answering my own question…
Re: Track 11 - I think 2nd tune is Chattering Magpie, and 3rd tune is Lord McDonald….

…so I expected the 1st tune to be “The Old Wheels of the World” as those 3 are together on another album, but it sounds like a different tune.

Starting Gate

The three reels in Track 1 called the Starting Gate are Lafferty’s, the Boys of Portaferry and the Ladies Pantalletes.

Kildareman’s Fancy

The first tune sounds very familiar allright BrownAdam, did you ever find its name? It’s tearing me up now!

You’re right that 2nd and 3rd are Chattering Magpie and Lord MacDonalds

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Kildareman’s Fancy

The first reel in that set must be Corney is Comming, no?

To settle this once and for all……………

Track 1 – “The Starting Gate” set

1 - “The Glens Of Aherlow [ Lafferty’s ]” :
2 - “The Boys Of Portaferry [ The Pullet ]” :
3 - “The Ladies Pantalettes [ The Duke Of Leinster’s Wife ]”

Track 3 – “The Clare Jig” set

1 – “The Mug Of Brown Ale” :
2 – “ Nora Crionna” :

Track 6 – “The Vicar Street Reels(2004)” set

1 – “Jenny’s Wedding” :
2 – “The Virginia” :
3 – “Garrett Barry’s” :

Track 11 – “The Kildareman’s Fancy” set

1 – “Corney Is Coming” :
2 – “The Chattering Magpies” :
3 – “Lord McDonald’s” :

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As Andy Roved Out Bonus Track

There’s an air played on solo whistle after As Andy Roved Out on my CD. Does anyone know the name?


…don’t know about yours, but on my recording, it’s the air he sings the song to.

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As Andy Roved Out Bonus Track

Sorry, I should mention it’s a separate tune entirely on Planxty Live 2004, and it is played on whistle a good 30 seconds after the song ends.

Figured it out…

I think that the tune is O’Dwyer of the Glen.

Re: Live 2004

That was right William. The ghost air starts at 6’30" (Track 13). It is played on tin whistle and guitar as an encore. Better known as Seán Ó Duibhir an Ghleanna.

Re: Live 2004