In Colour

By Cara

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  1. The King And The Fair Maid
  2. Gan Ainm
    Johnny’s Wedding
  3. Three Ravens
    Raving In The Bathroom
  4. Buddleja
  5. And Off He Went
  6. False,False
  7. Eddy Kelly’s No.1
    The Castletown Connors
    Quilty Shore
  8. Sailor Boy
  9. Dennis Liddy’s
    Joe Molloy’s
    The Old Copperplate
    The Bride In The Wheelbarrow
  10. Sir John
  11. Frida
  12. Inning
    Shepherd’s Delight
  13. There’s A Light

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Cara - In Colour

This CD by German group Cara came out in 2004.
The line- up is
Gudrun Walther: vocals,fiddle,viola
Sandra Gunkel: vocals, piano, flute,fender rhodes
Claus Steinort: flute, low whistle, concertina
Jürgen Treyz: guitars, dobro, bass, backing vocals
Rolf Wagels: bodhran, percussion
plus three guest musicians.

The singing and playing are both superb. The material is partly old, partly original including adaptations of ballads. Arrangements and recording also stand out. Cara have developed their own distinctive style. If you are looking for interesting new stuff you should try to get hold of this CD.

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