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They are GODS!!!

wah wah mandolin…

Has any one heard this?
I got a lend on Tuesday evening, and have had a good few listens since….When I opened the inlay and saw someone credited with wah-wah mandolin I cringed…….
Although, its a bit rock and roll, and fast and stuff, and something that usually goes against everything I stand for musically!!……….I actually like some of the tunes.
Some of the whistle harmonies are amazing and the bodhran guy seems really good…
Is this called prog trad, or techno trad or what, and should I feel guilty listening to this alongside my noel Hill Tony Linane CD….????Im confused

Re: wah wah mandolin…

Sorry the album I’m talking about is FLOOK - RUBAI

Guilt schmilt

at the risk of offending some purist snobs, i say absolutely not, stefanpaz. traditions die if they don’t change with new influences and expressive technologies -- witness the powerful efforts to kill jazz by constantly referencing it to a certain era -- and even celtic music has acknowledged this by adopting not only new tunes and styles, but also new instruments (e.g. banjo, bouzouki, mandolin, guitar, and bodhran in the 20th century).

i have no trouble respecting artists’ decisions to push boundaries, as long as they know what they are doing. the flook! crew are obviously experts. it might be a different story for a 3-reel + 1 slipjig bunch of kids throwing themselves right into fusion because it seems “crazy cool” or something…

this is the point at which we’re politely prompted to get a chatroom. ;)

Although it hasn’t been added to the link list, there is sheet music for Blue Ball on this site.

Just got thuis and WOW it is so freakin good. I daresay it is as good as Lunasa

These folks sound great

You are right Guilt, these musicians are masters at blending jazz and traditional celtic type music together seamlessly. I think I even hear some South American influences in there in some places.

I am not a strict purist about traditional music as long as there are no electronic instruments in it. For some reason, some people think it’s cool to have an electric base or electric guitar in the mix. They think it’s “Celtic Rock” or something. It’s definately not for me.

I heard Flook play in Ontario Canada last summer and really enjoyed it. They are definately a world class band. I recommend that everyone go listen to them if they get the chance.



A fantastic Cd, breathtaking… literally, congrats to all involved!!

Three really good tunes stand out in the recently or self-composed material

Three really good new tunes rendered in a lovely way: jigs “The North Star” and “The Ghost Of Ballybrolly”, and the reel “Larry Get Out Of The Bin”. I’ve noted under “Flook Live” comments that on an album consisting of recently composed/self-penned tunes, memorable ones are likely to be the exception rather than the rule, and three on this album is pretty good going. Congratulations!

Re: guilt schmilt

I agree
that’s all.