By Michael McGoldrick

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Pro-Fused or Con-Fused?

I can’t believe no one has had a single thing to say about this album since it was posted five years ago! Probably because no one has any strong feelings about this album, right? Just your average, pure-drop, trad recording…
Well I, for one, plan on commenting… as soon as I can think of something to say.

Your definitions of “pure-drop” and “trad” are different from mine. And for all that, I wouldn’t call it “average”.

Ha! Sorry, I guess I should have added a 😉
Seriously though, that’s some real pure-drop dj scratchin’ on that one track--really has that lonesome touch!
( 😉 again)

And the horn section has great draiocht to them!

“Hey baby, you wanna go out? Wanna go out, honey?”

- Best bit of the whole album


Hey - if you haven’t heard this album or you have it on the shelf and haven’t played it for ages then buy it or get it out tomorrow and give it a spin. Wow!