Duchas Ceoil “Dance Of The Honey Bees”

By The Lennon Family

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Just wondering also if the 3rd reel of track 17 should be Billy Brocker’s Reel. I know this is the spelling on all references to the track listing I could find on the WWW, but……
Someone who has the recording could crosscheck maybe.

What I meant was that it is spelled ‘Bocker’ on all the references to this album.


The tune is “Billy Brocker’s”, Donough. His name must be the most mis-spelled in Irish music recording history. This reel has been “Billy Brocker’s” for at least 40 years, since the “Castle” Ceili band recorded it.
It has also been recorded under that name by Mary Bergin and Jimmy Noonan & Chris McGrath. The “Bothy Band” had him as “Billy Bunker”, and the tune has recently been posted [ for the 2nd time ] as “Billy Brocken”. Now he’s “Billy Bocker”. How long before he become’s “Billy Bunter” ?

Nitpicking agin but track 3 tune 3 is “Cherish”
The mis-spelling prevents the hyperlinking to the tune in the database again.