Traditional Music Of Ireland

By Paddy Carty And Conor Tully

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  1. Molly Bawn
    Ryan’s Rant
  2. Port An Brathair
    Bryan O’Lynn
  3. Red Tom Of The Hills
    Tommy Coen’s
  4. The Bunch Of Keys
  5. Come West Along The Road
    The Four Hand
  6. Bobby Casey’s
    The Broken Pledge
  7. Carty’s Favourites
  8. Dowd’s
    In Memory Of Coleman
  9. Hide And Go Seek
    Eddie Kelly’s
  10. Galway Bay
  11. Brian Quinn’s
    The New Policeman
  12. Paddy Fahy’s
    The Whistler Of Rosslea
  13. The Man Of The House
    The Maid I Ne’er Forgot
  14. Gan Ainm

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The Other Paddy Carty recording

This was recorded in 1985, the year before Carty passed.

I had to check your date - I thought Paddy died in 1992 for some reason. What a shame he didn’t hang around a bit longer! An amazing musician. I like his no-nonsense album titles, too.

It’s a pity that this was never properly finished, but it’s a real shame that it’s not available on CD at all!!

Conor Tully’s playing is beautiful, too. A great match for Carty. Hopefully we’ll see him recorded more, too, someday. I think I even like Frank Hogan’s accompaniment, although my copy of the album sounds so muffled that he can barely be heard.

Is this album unattainable?

I’ve searched the internet and can’t find this album. Did it make it on to cassette? I’ve had his first album for 30 years. I’m learning Irish flute and I find myself --consciously or not--ending up with a sound that resembles Carty’s. If you get on the internet and search “paddy carty conor tully youtube” you will be treated to a fabulous 1982 video of those guys playing a couple of reels along with two other players in a very small venue.

Carty / Tully

Nick - I’m pretty sure it was only ever released on cassette, and is almost impossible to find. You’re not the first to ask about it. I’ll be in touch. Incidentally, Frank Hogan plays accompaniment on both the video and the cassette. The banjo player on the video is Paraic McDonnchada, from Galway, or thereabouts.


Oh yeah, and a quick check on YouTube shows the Carty/Tully video as “removed by user” - so it’s not available any more, alas.

Carty, Tully & Hogan

This original cassette has been re-issued, in a re-mastered and cleaned up version on CD on 1 dec 2008

Posted .

CD Re-issue

The music on the CD is just fabulous. I love it. But the reverb is awful. I can listen past it but it is a shame that it includes this ‘feature.’

Paddy Carty’s Tommy Whelan’s reel

Hello there,

Could someone help me identify the second tune on track 6 of Paddy Carty’s Traditional Music of Ireland CD?

It’s a reel in G, called Tommy Whelan’s. And follows Tit for Tat (Limestone Rock) on the CD listing.

The link to the track on this site is a jig called Tommy Whelan’s and not the track on the CD.

Does anyone have an alternative name for it (maybe The Shores of Lough Reagh) or sheet music for it?

You can hear the opening bars of it on the sample on this site:

Thanks for your help,

Re: Paddy Carty’s Tommy Whelan’s reel


Thanks a million LowWhistler.


Eilis Crean

Eilis plays some of Paddy Carty’s tunes on The Lonseome Fiddler just out. Lovely East Galway style