By Déanta

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  1. The Fisherman’s Island
    Seany Dorris’
  2. Green Fields Of Canada
  3. King Of The Blues
    King Of The Fairies
    Freddie’s Blues
  4. Cold Grey Fairyland
  5. Willie Taylor
  6. Rock Of Esse
  7. Thousands Are Sailing
  8. Gravelly Groove
  9. Dark Iniseoghain

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Lovely album from the 90’s

a great band that used to play in the 90’s. northern style of fiddle playing (use of bow triplets for instance, abit like scotish or shetland). combining also nylon-stringed harp in the tune arrangements. featuring also the most beautiful voice of Mary Dillon. their best album in my opinion is "ready for the storm" which is the second of all the three albums they made together, its a pity they were dibanded. BTW the contemporary singer Cara Dillon is Mary’s sister.

Track 8…

…is a jig version of "The Gravel Walks" [ which works surprisingly well, IMHO - better even than Cathal McConnell’s version ] - followed by :


.. which is listed on the album notes as a "Gan Ainm".

Have to say, I’m a bit disappointed with this recording - their subsequent work was much better.

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Re: Déanta

There’s also a third reel in the first tune, right after the Katie’s. I’ve also heard it elsewhere (eg on Bradley Brothers’ album "100% Pure Irish Dance The Show". Anyone knows the title of that reel?