Lucky In Love

By Charlie Lennon And Mick O’Connor

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"Lucky In Love"

I’d been meaning to post this for some time, and was spurred on by "Dow" asking about the reel "Spindleshanks", and "Longnote" reminding us that it was on this recording.
This is a Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann recording, from 1981, and I don’t think has ever been released on CD.
It’s not just Mick O’Connor and Charlie Lennon - Ben Lennon’s there too, along with Seamus Macmathuna, on fiddle and flute respectively. Accompaniment is by a very young - [ and looking a bit Harry Potter-ish ] Mark Kelly on guitar, and Frank Hogan on mandola. Tracks 5 and 11 are songs sung in Gaelic by Sile ni Flaitherta. A lot of classic tunes , but some of it - the flute playing in particular - is a bit fast for my taste.
If you ever come across a copy of the album, you should buy it, and it’s yet another recording from the Comhaltas archives that really deserves to be re-released on CD.

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Indeed, this fine recording should be re-released. Note that the hyperlink to the notes for "Larry the Beer Drinker" is not the same jig as on the recording. As played on "L in L" by the Lennons, "LtBD" is a great tune seldom heard these days.

And more……

That’s not the half of it , "LongNote". Other "discrepancies" in the links include "The Clare" jig and "The Butcher’s March", I think, "John Egan’s" and "John Henry’s",[ but I’d have to check ], and definitely "The Indian On The Rock" and "McFadden’s". One of the few weaknesses of this site is that anybody can put in the title of a tune without having to justify it in any manner whatsoever, and a link from "recordings" is not guaranteed to take you to the correct tune. Much safer to run a "search" for a word of the tune title, and narrow it down from there by a process of elimination.
"Larry The Beer Drinker" was posted by "jocklet" as "The Beer Drinker", so you can find it here, but the link won’t bring you straight to it.
Thanks for the recent e-mail. Hope all is well with you.

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Re: Lucky in Love

I think I may have learned "The Indian on the Rock" from this LP and later learned that it was more commonly called "Captain Kelly". You might check that for a start.

Re:Lucky in Love

I have been trying to remember the tunes on this recording. I listened to it a lot when it came out, but don’t currently own a copy. I think "John Henry’s" and the tune posted here as "O’Gorman’s" might be the same tune. I play a set I call "John Egan’s/ O’Gorman’s" and would not be at all surprised if I learned both tunes from this LP.

A truly great album but the singing, for my taste, seems dreadful.