Frankie Goes To Town

By Frankie Gavin

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In terms of getting the names of tunes from this recording it os frustrating as Frankie has chosen to play several tunes under one name. Foer instance in John Mc Kennas he plays The Steeplechae (aka The Rock of Cashel and Carrigaline). I think Rambling Rose is Rose in the Heather. In Humours of galway this is a medley of The Golden Eagle plus a reel.

Great Album

Not only does he call whole sets by a single tune title, there are two tracks that are flip flopped with each other. This album has to win the award for the worst cover art ever - sure it was the 80’s but there is a picture of Mr. Gavin wearing a pink & baby blue argyle sweater(jumper) vest, bright turquoise shoes, white pants & a purple tie. He looks like a clown, but the music is some of the best ever made so who cares.

I have spent some time trying to sort out the track listing for this album and the sleeve is not very helpful. I have cross checked with Alan Ng’s site as well and this is the best I could put together:

1. Tie The Ribbons (John McKenna’s)/Come Up In The Room (I Want You)
2. Paddy Canny’s Toast(Charlie Lennon)/ Ni Fhios
3. The Humours Of Galway: Golden Eagle/Jackson’s/ Maudabawn Chapel/Hand me Down The Tackle
4. The Old Walls Of Liscarrol (4 part)
5. Alice’s Reel (Frankie Gavin)
6. The Oak Tree (3 part)
7. The Green Fields Of America
8. St. Patrick’s Day (Set Dance)
9. Reels From The 1920s: Maids Of Castlebar / Woman Of The House/ Steeplechase
10. Mama’s Pet/The Sailor On The Rock/The Coachman’s Whip (V. Broderick)
11. Rose In The Heather / The Rambler / The Doberman’s Wallet (F. Gavin)
12. Ladies’ Choice 1 & 2 (From Island Wedding Suite – Charlie Lennon)
13. Pigeon On The Gate (titles confused on album with track 15)
14. Dowry Reels 1&2 from the Island Wedding Suite (C. Lennon)
15. Gan Ainm / Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel
16. All About Weaving (Pedaling Patterns/ Weaving Dreams

Number of Tracks

My copy of the vinyl disc only has 12 tracks so where do the last four come from?

I’d guess that the last 3 came from recordings he made with Charlie Lennon , possibly "Island Wedding" [ 14 & 16 ], and "The Emigrant Suite" [15]. There was some confusion about the "Pigeon On The Gate" appearing on the recording he made with Alec Finn for Shanachie.

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Frankie goes to Town

ANyone know where I can get this at a decent price (eg Amazon is £22 !!)

Frankie goes to Town

sorry - Amazon is £26 !!!!!


I’ve updated the tune titles to those posted by Donough above, and have left the "collective" titles for tracks in brackets. My cassette recording only has 12 tracks too.

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Re: Frankie Goes To Town

The Gan Ainm listed on track 15 above, is the Mullingar Races reel (tunes/225)