When The World Was Wide

By Trouble In The Kitchen

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When the World was Wide

Trouble in the Kitchen recorded this album in 2001. It’s available through their website at www.troubleinthekitchen.com .

I think the 1st jig on track 10 might be mislabelled. It’s called Up And About In The Morning https://thesession.org/tunes/3145. Contentment Is Wealth is a different tune.

The Rainy Day is the version recorded by the Bothy Band and Mary Bergin, which to me sounds more like a version of Paddy On The Turnpike. See the comments here https://thesession.org/tunes/1807.

Contentment name Theory

How we ended up witht the name “Contentment is Wealth” for that tune is something I’ve pondered over the years… I actually forgot that was the name we’d given it as I did and still do refer to it as “Jerry O’Sullivan’s #1” (which is confusing in itself as Jerry O’Sullivan refers to it as “Robbie Hannan’s #1”)

I do have a THEORY in regards to how we got this name however… When we were putting together the CD we asked a number of knowledgeable Melbournian trad players (Tony O’Rourke, Elaine Jefferys, Helen O’Shea etc.) about the names of various tunes we didn’t know the names of. (this was before I was aware of the finding-out-the-name-of-tunes boon that thesession is!) Now, I think it is entirely possible (indeed, probable) that on playing the tune to one of these above mentioned luminaries that they may have mentioned that the tune was ON “Contentment is Wealth” (the album - which it is, as “Up and About in the Morning”) and we may have mis-heard, thinking they said the tune was CALLED “Contentment is Wealth”.

That’s my theory, it’s a good theory, and I’m sticking to it.

Also, SirNose, on track 11, the 1st tune is the Star Of Kilkenny https://thesession.org/tunes/2663, which is actually starts in a similar way to the E minor version of the Beauty Spot, in the comments here https://thesession.org/tunes/1270/comments. The name that Elaine gave me for the 2nd tune was something like Miss Drummond or Drummond Lassies, but we later found it to be a Gmaj version of Miss Ramsey https://thesession.org/tunes/2982 which Seamus McGuire and John Lee recorded on the Missing Reel. Drummond Lassies is a different tune, also appearing on the Missing Reel. Maybe one of the Melburnians mixed up the 2 at some point…

Argh can I take all that back. I feel awful because it sounds like I’m nitpicking, which I was of course, but I should have just said “what a great album I love the playing and the people” etc. Actually, if it’s any consolation, the reason I went off on one about tune names was that I was watching that “Trouble” video that got posted on the net, and it inspired me to hunt out this album and give it another spin, and I was sort of going through learning a tune here and there, and looking them all up and posting some of your versions. I didn’t mean it to come across like a criticism and a typically pedantic session.orger. Sorry lads…

Pedantic, who, you? All, I’m sure, is forgiven for the sake of ol’ decency and PC. It is good to know the permutations of titles ~ tracks, album names, confusions and histories… I enjoyed the weave…

Heya dow, you gratuitous pedant you, don’t apologise!! It’s been years since I’ve thought about the names we gave to these tunes and I’ve found it interesting trying to piece it together…

Well, I *thought* i knew why we called the ‘beauty spot’ what we did, but i was wrong. I originally got the tune off Claire Fitzpatrick, legendary brisbane box player and member of the great ‘Tulca Mor’, during a mighty tune we had at the woodford folk festival YEARS ago. I’d always claimed it was Claire herself who had called it the ‘beauty spot’, but I caught up with her again last weekend at the Port Fairy Folk Fest and (after more mighty tunes - such a great player!) she insisted that she would *never* have called it that, as she is accutely aware of the ‘correct’ beauty spot… ah well.

Dow, all i can say is thank god we didn’t put any hornpipes on that album 😉

BTW I hope you don’t mind me posting the link to your video & mp3 here. The discussion about it dropped off the bottom of the page and has sort of disappeared into cyberspace. So go here for the vid with tunes off this album http://www.thepuredrop.com.au/artists/titk.htm.

McGoldrick’s Jig

The link on the track listing takes us to McGoldrick’s Reel; the recording is of the jig.