By April Verch

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  1. William Gagnon
  2. Ross’ Reel No. 4
  3. Brittany
  4. Fire When Ready
  5. Trip To Windsor
    Back Up And Push
    Dusty Miller
    Woodchoppers Breakdown
  6. 68 Du Petit Sarny
    Une Marche De Thomas Pomerleau
    Reel Andre Alain
  7. Diabinho Malucco
  8. Eldon And Ethel
  9. Massif Central
  10. Lost Boy
  11. Marry Me
  12. Thomas
  13. Le Bedeau De L’Enfer
    Contredanse A Pitou
    Reel De La Broue
  14. Sneaky
  15. Ridgeway Merchant
    Road To Lake Dore
    Gilles Roy
    Donnie Gilchrist’s Breakdown
  16. The Old Rugged Cross

Two comments


April is a young (26 or so) fiddler from Ottawa Valley, Ontario. She started stepdancing when she was 3, and fiddling when she was 6. She has won over 400 awards, including Grand Master Fiddler Champion.

This recording has a variety of genres, including French Canadian, Irish, Bluegrass, and some that she has written herself.

I would recommend a listen. Her website is

You can hear soundclips (mostly from this CD) from and searching for April Verch.

Had the privilege of taking a workshop of hers at Montana Fiddle camp in 2008. Truly great fiddler. I try to base my style on her playing.