6 Of One, 5 Of The Other

By An Tua

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Who they ?

Would you like to give us some information about “An Tua” ?

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I think this is Hanz’s own band – as distinct from the other ones he has been associated with. Haven’t heard it myself, but I have played with Hanz and he is a very handy fluter. And one of the few Americans who can convincingly sing traditional songs.

They good!

Band from the Seattle area; Hanz is a talented boy with some talented friends. If I hear that they are playing within a 2-3 hour drive, I make the effort to get there. The band morphs into different things; the last time I heard them play, it was just Hanz and Suzanne Taylor, a fine pianist. I admit that I’m generally a little skittish when I see the piano roll out, but these two know their way around a tune.

Missing polka

The first part of the set with the Dusty Miller and Lord Mayo has a tune called “Aontas Polka.” Does anyone know what it is called?

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Found it. The Munster Bank Polka. It’s also on one of Declan Masterson’s albums. 🙂

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