All That Glitters

By Belfast Andi

  1. Have You Got A Penny?
  2. One Last Cold Kiss
  3. Old Shoes
  4. All That Glitters
  5. Irish Ways Irish Laws
  6. There Where Roses
  7. Ferryman
  8. Go Move Shift
  9. Grosse Ile
  10. St Patrick Was A Gentleman
  11. Squeeze Box
  12. Hang Down Your Head
  13. Sweet Thames (Flows Softly)
  14. Belfast Mill
  15. Hills Of Antrim
  16. Her Father Didn’t Like Me Anyway

One comment

“All that Glitters”

This album was recorded live at studio Créason , Montreal in 2004. Guest musicians : Bob Cussen (mandolin, banjo) Patrick Hutchinson (electric guitars) Suzanne Ungar (Bass guitar). Belfast Andi, (vocals, acoustic guitar & bodhran) socan 2004.