Chromatic Button Accordion

By John Bowe and Mary Conroy

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John Bowe

This LP was recorded in 1977 by Brendan Mulkere on his ‘Inchecronin’ label (others in the series included Roger Sherlock, Le Cheile and Aleanna. I don’t know if he ever released the recordings of John Carty and Jimmy Keane).
John plays some fantastic tunes on this, and I still find inspiration from it even now.

John Bowe’s / Brendan Mulhaire’s / Brereton’s / Land of Sunshine

I’ve finally unravelled the confusion around two different reels that both go by the name of John Bowe’s (or variations thereof, such as Bowe’s, John Bowe’s Favourite). And what is even funnier, both are also known as ‘Mulhaire’s.’

John Bowe’s, of track 5 above, is this Em reel, also found on Liz Carroll’s ‘A Friend Indeed’
and said to be a composition of Brendan Mulhaire.

Brereton’s (track 10) also goes by the name of ‘Bowe’s’ (etc.) but is in fact the ‘Land of Sunshine,’ composed by Martin Mulhaire.

Well, I’m certainly relieved to have figured that out, if no-one else is!


The ‘Mulhaire’s’ of track 5 (that is, the second reel in the set, after the other ‘Mulhaire’s’) is this one:
‘The Brook’ by Martin Mulhaire (or possibly Pat Molloy…).