The Lovers’ Waltz

By Jay Ungar & Molly Mason

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  1. The Lovers’
  2. Misty Molly
    Foxy Mary
    My Darling Asleep
  3. The Mountain House
  4. The Road We Traveled
    The Wizard’s Walk
  5. Legends Of The Fall
  6. The Lover’s Lament
  7. Prairie Love Song
  8. Louisiana Wedding Bells
  9. The Montague Processional
  10. Give Me Your Hand
  11. There’s Honey On The Moon Tonight
  12. Metsäkukkia
  13. Chosen Challe Mazeltov
  14. Tiptoe Alley
  15. It’s All In Your Mind
  16. The Lovers’

One comment

The Lovers’ Waltz

Another absolutely gorgeous CD, with lush harmonies and such fiddle playing - ranging from the crispest champagne to the velvetiest chocolate in tone. Wow. What a great fiddler this guy is.