The Blue Idol

By Altan

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Hey, its not often that i ever post an recording, but the blue idol is such a fine one that i had to. There are few other bands that come to mind that represent a regional style so brilliantly and truly, but Altan allways manage this with all the usuall class and flair. and if you at all can get the blue idol then GET IT !!!
its well worth it !!! The tunes are still as rich as ever, so i better get round to posting some of them soon. and thats not to mention the songs !
anyhow, i’ll let you make up your mind on it, and let me know what you think! i think you can listen to audio samples at
Le Meas.

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the ashplant on this album is the Edorian version. much amazed by ciaran tourish’s fine fiddle playing.

Gan Ainms ?

Track 6 - the last reel of this set - played in G then A - is “The Trip To Cullenstown”, not the first. What, then, is the name of the first tune?
Also Track 8 has 4 reels, but only 3 names are given. Does anyone have a name for the 4th reel?

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Kenny, errik has transcribed the first tune from track 5 here:

Apparently it goes by the name of The Gatehouse Maid, though clearly a different tune than the “usual” GM.

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Contrary to what Nick says, the Ashplant on this album isn’t the Edor version, but the F#min version, like the one recorded by Dervish. Find it in the comments here

Credit for Harry…and others.

Nobody’s mentioned that Harry Bradley makes a guest appearance on flute on this recording. I first heard track 8 when Archie Fisher played it on his “Travelling Folk” programme on Radio Scotland when the recording was released. I used to record the programme on cassette tape and listen to it the next day when driving to work. When Harry came in on flute, I got so engrossed in listening that I missed my turn-off, and had to make a mile detour through the very traffic I was trying to avoid.
There are several other guests on this CD, including Paul Brady, Dolly Parton [!], Steve Cooney and Liam O’Flynn. Jim Higgins, in particular, is outstanding on bodhran [ and that’s something you won’t often find me saying ].

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The version Altan play of the first tune on track 6 is, I think, generally considered to come from James Kelly. He calls it ‘Butter And Peas’, so I have changed the name to link to his version of the tune

As pointed out by The last tune on track 5 is also known as Butcher’s Fancy, although it is possible the The Butcher’s March is a better known name for it. Unfortunately the link above seems to want to bring you to the wrong tune, The Lilting Banshee, so I have changed the name to Butcher’s Fancy to link to the right tune.

The start of my last comment should have read “As pointed out by iris eve, the last tune on track 5…”