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Buille is…

Niall Vallely on concertina, Paul Meehan on guitar and Caoimhín Vallely on piano.

How is it?

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Line up

I just bought it at Tradtunes.com and I thought it’s modern, but great playing.
Would anybody have the lineup of the recording inkl. the guest musicians ? (No cover at Tradtunes.com 🙁 )

Superb album, great tunes.
Brian Morrissey plays very nicely on bodhrán.

with guests including Brian Morrissey (bodhrán, banjo, percussion), Ed Boyd (guitar), Kate Ellis (cello), Cian Ó Dúill (viola), Adrian Harte (Violin), Zoe Conway (fiddle), Liz Carroll (fiddle)

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@ ceili

The guests mentioned above by ceili are actually the guests on Buille’s second album “Buille 2”.

Only Niall, Caomhin, Paul and Brian appear on the first album.