By Buille

  1. The Wrong House
    The Baltimore Fox
  2. Grappa Groove
  3. Farewell To Mc Carthy’s
  4. Singing Stream Air
  5. 1st Of August
    2nd Of August
  6. Eleven Eight
  7. Mullacreevie
    The Dunmore Lasses
  8. Longnancy’s
    Winnie Hayes’
  9. Gleann An Phréacháin
  10. Tiarnán & Stephanie’s
    Dark Loanin

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Buille is…

Niall Vallely on concertina, Paul Meehan on guitar and Caoimhín Vallely on piano.

How is it?

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Line up

I just bought it at Tradtunes.com and I thought it’s modern, but great playing.
Would anybody have the lineup of the recording inkl. the guest musicians ? (No cover at Tradtunes.com 🙁 )

Superb album, great tunes.
Brian Morrissey plays very nicely on bodhrán.

with guests including Brian Morrissey (bodhrán, banjo, percussion), Ed Boyd (guitar), Kate Ellis (cello), Cian Ó Dúill (viola), Adrian Harte (Violin), Zoe Conway (fiddle), Liz Carroll (fiddle)

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@ ceili

The guests mentioned above by ceili are actually the guests on Buille’s second album "Buille 2".

Only Niall, Caomhin, Paul and Brian appear on the first album.