Portrait Of A Scottish Jew’s Harp Player

By Lindsay Porteous and Friends

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  1. Reel Of Tulloch
  2. Duke Of Perth’s
  3. Cuttie’s Waddin’
  4. Duke Of Fife’s Welcome To Deeside
    The Banks
  5. Farewell To The Creeks
  6. Athole Highlanders
    The Fairy
  7. Bratach Bana
  8. The Beeswing
  9. Freedom Come Ye All
  10. The Merry Blacksmith
    Sleep Soond Ida Morning
  11. Braes Of Tulleymet
    The Inverness Gathering
  12. Plaidie Awa’
    The White Cockade
  13. The Flowers Of Edinburgh
    Soldier’s Joy
  14. Timour The Tartar
  15. I’ll Aye Ca’ In By Yon Toon
    The Drops Of Brandy
  16. Tail Toodle
  17. Hens March Tae The Midden
  18. Speed The Plough
    The Spey In Spate
    The Ale Is Dear

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Lindsay Porteous and Friends: Portrait of a Scottish Jew’s-Harp Player

Greentrax Records
Edinburgh, 1988

Lindsay Porteous on Jew’s-Harp, Mouth-Bow, Hum-Drum, etc.
& Friends:
Jack Beck - vocals
Pete Clark - fiddle
Gary Coupland - keyboard synthesizer & accordion
Andy Hunter - small pipes & vocals
Dolina McLennan - vocals
Patsy Seddon - harp
Jim Sutherland - bodhran