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Great set of tunes. I got this on tape from a friend about 5 years ago and never really knew much about the musicians or the recording until the other day when I searched the session web site for Turas. Of course, while the recording had not been submitted before, there is references to the group so check out these previous discussions/comments


or simply do a search from the front page yourself.
I really like these tunes and hope you will too.

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Turas - Track 3

Some very good playing on this. 2 of the track 3 titles are wrong. “Dermot Byrne’s” is “Bob McQuillan’s” by Aly Bain, and “Michael’s” is “The Trip To Nenagh” or “An Moinfheir”[ “The Meadow” ] by fiddler Sean Ryan.

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Track 3

Thanks Kenny. Have made the changes.

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Sort of remeber them. They got people talking alot at the time. They were way ahead of their time and the fact they were so young got a lot of interest in them. Surprised they didnt do more than one recording though!

To clarify/avoid confusion

The “Liz Carroll’s” listed on track 1 is in fact called “Wissahickon Drive” (https://thesession.org/tunes/1769). When you click on the link in the track listing, it brings you to another tune written by Liz Carroll.

Further tune name clarifications

Re track 1 (and a great track it is);

Paddy Gavin’s (The Bond reel):

This setting of the High Reel is also known as the beehive and is further discussed and found here:

Theirs sounds like a Dmajor setting of Sally Gardens and is supremely tasty. I’ll post the recipe at my first convenience!)

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The Bond HOUSE (sorry for the gaffe), and I meant no disrespect to the Beehive via the lower case b - bad typist me.

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Wrong link in “iTunes”….

The “iTunes” link above, top right, is to a completely different recording.

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Re: Turas

Very remiss of us not to have mentioned the band members :

Liam O’Connor - fiddle / viola
Ronan Ryan - flute / bodhran
Padraig Rynne - concertina
Padraic O’Reilly - piano / bouzouki / synthesiser

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