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I got this one from a friend a few years ago when he had to leave his record collection here during a major bushfire season (he thought his house was going to get burnt down). I got to record a lot of vinyl that he had purchased in Ireland in the 1980’s and this was one of them. Very very nice tight accordian from Mr Mulcahy with solid rhythm and a great selection of tunes. I hope you like the selection. Does anyone know if this is available on CD?

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Hi there Kiwi, I don’ think its available on CD, I got a copy of it on tape some years ago from Micks older brother Joe. Its a lovely recording, all done in one day! Not too often you hear a solo accordion recording with no backing. A rare gem 🙂


I’ve just heard that Gael Linn are about to release this on CD(Sept 2006).
I think it was only available on tape and vinyl previously, and very hard to get hold of, so this is great news!

Yes, it’s on CD and it’s great news. The best compliment I can think of is that Mulcahy’s playing reminds me of Joe Cooley’s. It’s that good. This cd, along with Notes From the Heart is a must have.
Thanks to Mick and his family for their immense contribution to Irish Trad.

It’s also available as a download from emusic.


Also now on "iTunes".

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"The Knotted Chord" sounds rather like "the Wise Maid" for me….

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I updated the first tune on track 4 as it’s The Wise Maid, not The Knotted Chord.

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Tune two on track 13 is The Connaughtman’s Rambles so I edited this tune.