Knot Loitering

By Knot Fibb’n

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Knot Loitering

Knot Fibb’n is my band from Columbus, Ohio. We had a great time putting this collection of tunes together…with help from Celtic accordionist John Whelan. Some of the highlights (in my personal opinion) are the first set of polkaz (it was a long, long day, but the results are prime!), the very danceable "Musical Priest/Windy Gap" set, and the surprise inclusion of U2’s "…Streets…" John convinced us to record it after hearing us perform it live in the midst of our recording sessions. We thought it a toss-away, and never considered it worthy to record!

Bay of Fundy

Enjoying your Bay of Fundy up here past the Bay in Cape Breton—
for once the arpeggios lie in a good place for my whistle. So many tunes have a string bias!