Classic Cuts

By Winston ‘Scotty’ Fitzgerald

  1. Welcome To Your Feet Again
    The Bonny Lass Of Fisherrow
    The Bird’s Nest
  2. Scotty’s Highland
    I’m Off With The Good St. Nicholas Boat
  3. Miss Ann MacCormack
    Sleepy Maggie
  4. Marchioness Of Huntley
    Miss Maules
    Lady Glen Orchy
  5. McNab’s
    Farmer’s Daughter
  6. James F. Dickie’s Delight
    James Scott Skinner
    Mrs. E. MacLeod
  7. The Mill Of Newe
    Mrs. James Forbes
  8. Jimmy MacKinnon Of Smelt Brook
    Scotch Cove
  9. Bonnie Isabell Robertson
    John Howett
  10. Mrs. Menzies Of Culdare
    Welcome Whiskey Back Agaain
    Captain Keeler
  11. Gramin
    Mr. R. Cato
  12. The Haggis
    Caber Feidh
  13. The Iron Man
    Mrs. Douglas Of Edman
  14. Tom MacCormack
  15. The Firefly Clog
    The Horn
  16. Arichie Menzies
  17. St. Kilda’s Wedding
    Trip To Windsor
  18. Mist On The Lough
    Bonnie Kate
  19. Antigonish Polka #1
    Antigonish Polka #2
  20. McDonaugh’s Clog
  21. Crossing Ireland
    The Rights Of Man
  22. Stirlingshire Militia March
    The Green Fields Of White Point

Two comments

“Youtube” video clips….

Winston “Scotty” Fitzgerald, in the company of fellow Cape Breton singer and guitarist John Allan Cameron made a musical trip to Ireland and Scotland in the late 1970s. They met the great North-East of Scotland fiddler Hector McAndrew. Here are the links to 3 clips on “Youtube” of that meeting.

3 “clips” of Hector McAndrew, Winston “Scotty” Fitzgerald & John Allan Cameron

1 -

2 -

3 -