The Lasses Fashion

By Jock Tamson’s Bairns

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  1. The Lasses Fashion
    The Robin
    Merry Nicht Under The Tummel Brig
  2. The Braes O’ Balquhidder
  3. Greig’s
    Miss Wharton Duff
  4. Lady Keith’s Lament
  5. The Gates Of Edinburgh
    O’er Bogie
    Mrs Gordon’s
  6. Tibbie Fowler
  7. The Shetland Fiddler’s Society
  8. The Laird O’ Drum
  9. Kempy Kaye
  10. Donald, Willie And His Dog
    Peter McKinnon Of Skeabost

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Seminal Scottish Band

Surprised to find no albums by this group on ‘The Session’, as their recordings were an inspiration to many musicians in Scotland in the 1980’s, and very few of the tunes are listed on this site. The members on this recording were Rod Paterson, Norman Chalmers, Jack Evans, John Croall, Ian Hardie and Derek Hoy, and from here they went on to form bands such as The Easy Club and The Cauld Blast Orchestra

Jock Tamson’s Bairns - "The Lasses’ Fashion". A very pleasant album.

I remember this from early in1985 when I was working as an archaeologist in Shetland: someone else brought a cassette of this along, and it was (part of the) very pleasant background music to our lives - which consisted of working at a site called Kebister in Monty Python-esquely bad weather, living in and unintentionally trashing as we did so some chalets near Scalloway, and getting in some weekend trips (in far better weather, as it happened) to remote and beautiful corners of Shetland. Jock Tamson’s was a not-so-famous Scottish band that was really very good, like The Clutha (or was it Da Clutha?).

"Jock Tamson’s Bairns" still is " a really very good" band. They released a CD last year, and have started doing the occasional gig again. "The Lasses Fashion" was cited by Richard Thompson as one of his favourite albums of all time.
"The Clutha" were from Glasgow and there was therefore never any reason for anyone to call them "Da Clutha" [ except in Shetland, I suppose ].

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