Roll Away The Reel World

By James Keane

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Not the button box player

This is not James Keane from Dublin. This is James (more commonly know as Jimmy) keane from the states and he plays piano accordion and plays it well too.

Yes - it is the button box player

This recording is definitely by James Keane, the BC box player originally from Dublin. It’s an old favourite LP of mine; Green Linnet SIF 1026 produced by Mick Moloney and copyright 1980.

The sleeve notes give a fascinating glimpse into the days (in the late 1940’s?) when talented school kids like James playing irish traditional music in Dublin would be beaten up for being ‘different’.

Re: Roll Away The Reel World

The first jig on track #2 is given the title “The Blooming Meadows” here, but I know it as “The High Part of the Road”:

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