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This album has just been released in the US.

My first impression was: “bummer, no Kevin Crawford.”
My second impression was: “WOW!”


Check the klezmer track (#7). Beautifully done, the pipes doing the reedy sound you’d expect in this kind of music.

#10 - Dub question

Does anyone know of another name for “Dub”? I cen’t find any ABCs for this tune. By the way, I am learning this whole set, Jizaique-Baby Rory’s-Dub on the uilleann pipes so I’ve decided to transcribe the set and post it here. All most done but wish I had a Dub trancription to compare to.

Re: #10 - Dub question

Maybe it’s too late to answer, but I suspect the set in question comes from Michael McGoldrick. He previously recorded Baby Rory’s slip jig and Dub reel as his own compositions in “Morning Rory” (https://thesession.org/recordings/217). He also loves and recorded some Breton tunes, which may be acquired through his friend, Ed Boyd because he was a disciple of Pierre Bensusan.

More than 1?

Is there more than one version of this album? The copy that I have has twelve tracks.

Re: #10 Dub Question

I have the Lunasa, The Music 1996-2001 book and they say that the Dub reel is a variation on The Tap Room.

#5 Gan Ainm

In the Lunasa book they list this unknown by the name of The Boys of Ballisadare.

These guys truely make me sick

I thought Fleur de Mandragore was recorded in a studio until I head the applause at the end. These guys are so tight and they can really jam. Definately one of the best CDs in my collection

Lunasa: Track 5 third tune

What is marked as Gan Anim on Lunasa’s Album is probably The Boys of Ballisodare slip jig (after Hogties and promenade)

Tune names and keys?

Hi, can anyone tell me the names of the tunes in “Mi na samhna” on Lunasa’s self-titled album, and most importantly, if those are the original keys? Don’t worry, I’m planning on trying to learn them by ear.


Of the tunes that I’ve heard off of this album, I like most of it. Great music, though, track 7, titled “Iuil”, I can’t stand. Parts of it are OK, but not something I would listen to very often and then that chromatic part makes it worse. Other than that, what I’ve heard it all good

Bealtaine Track 3

Is called The Boys of Ballysodare jig

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Re: More than 1

In Lunasa the Music 1996-2001 in the notes for ’Give Us a Drink of Water" it says that an early version of the album was pressed for sale in Australia only. At a later stage some tracks were changed and others re-recorded or re-mixed before it was released elsewhere. I think I must have fluked an early version because my CD has 10 tracks and they are in a different order to those listed here.

Re: Lúnasa

Compass Records, after the hell of Green Linnet, who they’d previously been contracted to, which proved questionable and irritating for many recording artists, they moved to Compass Records in Nashville. That company re-released this first recording with extra tracks, a total of 12.

Track 12 is listed as a ‘Bonus Track’: Jacky Molard’s / The Hunter’s Purse
(Recorded in 1996 at the Lobby Bar, Cork, and Marguerite Studios, Dublin)


Re: #7 Is Dusty Miller surely?

I may be mistaken, but Im pretty sure that #7 is Dusty Miller, not Frailock. Judging this from the Scully’s set from the The Merry Sisters of Fate Album as well as a recording of Four Winds that I have.

Re: Lúnasa

I have what I believe is the Australian version. Cover as pictured in Jeff’s post above and with 11 tracks.

Can anyone shed light on the tune names? Would be really helpful to have as a historical reference!

1 - Eanair
2 - Feabhra
3 - Marta
4 - Aibreann
5 - Bealtainne
6 - Meitheamh
7 - Luil
8 - Mean Fomhair
9 - Diereadh Fomhair
10 - Mi na Samhna
11 - Mi na Nollag

Re: Lúnasa

The album track names are the months of the year (i think!) and you’re therefore missing one.

It’s for my money the best lunasa album, with bonus points for being chronologically the first, and also predominantly live.

I bought it twice cos i lost the first cd somehow. I think the original one had a different version of Colonel Frazer’s. Probably re-released at some point - they escaped their record label at some point?

Re: Lúnasa

Nope, mine defo doesn’t have a twelfth track.

So I just looked up the album on Wikipedia and found the original track names AND tune names. Here they are:

1 - Eanair (Lord Mayo, Gavotte, The Maids Of Mt. Cisco)
2 - Feabhra (An Erc’h War An Enezeg (Snow On The Island), Brenda Stubbert’s, Thunderhead)
3 - Marta (The Noonday Feast, The Waterbed, Sully’s No. 6)
4 - Aibreann (The Last Pint)
5 - Bealtainne (Hogties, Promenade, Gan Ainm)
6 - Meitheamh (Fleur De Mandragore, The Ashplant, Siobhan O’Donnell’s)
7 - Luil (Frailock)
8 - Mean Fomhair (Colonel Frazer)
9 - Diereadh Fomhair (Terry ‘Cuz’ Teehan’s, Alice’s)
10 - Mi na Samhna (Jizaique, Baby Rory’s, Dub)
11 - Mi na Nollag (The Kerfuntan, Eddie Kelly’s, Give Us A Drink Of Water)

Bonus track:

12 - Jacky Molard’s / The Hunter’s Purse (live recording) (bonus track on 2001 version)

Re: Lúnasa

Lúnasa - is the name of an ancient festival in Ireland which took place in August and it is also the name of that month in the Irish language.

All the other tracks are the names of the months of the year some of which come from Latin: Eanáir (January), Feabhra (February), Márta (March), Aibreán (April), Iúil (July with an i not an L), Nollaig (Christmas/December);

And some of which are named after festivals found in Ireland and Scotland: Bealtaine (May), Meitheamh (June), Meán Fómhair, Deireadh Fómhair (mid and end of Autumn ie September/October), Mí na Samhna (the month of Samhain [Halloween] November).

There are only 11 tracks as Lúnasa (August) the name of the album is not included in the track names.