Gone Dancing

By Fine Friday

  1. Cold Blow
  2. The Humours Of Westport
    Julia Delaney’s
    Andy Broons
  3. Jean Mauchline
    Tune For Nuala
  4. Selkie
  5. Rosie Martin’s
    Miss Anne Cameron Of Balvenie
    Lord Lovat’s
  6. Gamaldans
  7. Humming Bird
  8. Compliments To Sean Maguire
    Compliments To Hugh Hughson Of Newcastle
  9. Alison’s Lament
    Hanna Luers
  10. Slip Jigs And Reels
  11. Lacy’s
    Winnie Hayes
  12. Gerry Cromane’s
    The Duchess Of Percy
  13. Funeray

Two comments

Gone Dancing

The debut album from Fine Friday - Nuala Kennedy, Anna-Wendy Stevenson and Kris Drever.

Great CD, as is their 2nd, “Mowing the Machair”