Sweeter As The Years Roll By

By James Keane

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James Keane has been one of the leading accordionists in the traditional-Irish-music scene for over two decades. On Sweeter as the Years Roll By he proves his reputation has been well earned by delivering a brilliantly played set of tunes. Keane is from a musical family (his brother is the Chieftains’ fiddler Sean Keane), and he feels he has a duty to pass along the traditions he learned as a child to the next generation. To that end he invited a number of younger musicians to record with him on this CD, including his nephews Padraic and Darach Keane, the band Turas, and some students from the Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eirann (Irish Cultural Institute). Although most of his guests are still teenagers, they are all accomplished musicians and play with a maturity that belies their youth. Keane may have intended to teach these students about tradition, but their high level of musicianship taught him that the music is alive and well. --Michael Simmons

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Bloody beautiful!

It might take me a while to discover stuff that everyone else has been listening to for years, but I’ll make up for it with my enthusiasm for James’ lovely playing!

The tune ending track 6 is herel: https://thesession.org/tunes/4384

Track 6

The third reel in track 6 is listed as “Paddy Taylor’s”.