Cóisir/House Party

By Máire O’Keeffe

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"House Party / An Coisir"

Gael Linn 165

Antigonish Polkas

Just discovered there are 3 Antigonish Polkas on Track 7!

Track 4 waltz

Charlie Lennon wrote both a waltz as well as the hornpipe that is linked here. It’s a wee suite, and althought both tunes have been played on different CDs, it seems Maire’s is the only one which has the 2 together. The liner notes say that Charlie was sitting one day in the Wicklow (?) mountains, and heard bees droning in repetitive notes, and this suggested the tune to him.

Maire puts a beautiful drone on the tonic D, against the melody, which gives the waltz that hypnotic feel. Here’s the melody part -

A great collection of superbly played tunes. But I feel some of the piano accompaniment is rather superfluous, however it doesn’t detract from the playing. Though I am aware that this piano accompaniment is in keeping with the tradition of Cape Breton, where the album was recorded.

Re: Cóisir: House Party

The title of track 11 is The September Wedding Medley but I have put in the actual tune titles. They are all written by Paul Cranford, and the notation can be found in Paul’s publication "The Lighthouse Collection". This, and many other great items, can be found at https://www.cranfordpub.com

"Máire O’Keeffe: Cóisir: House Party"

Thanks Niall, having forgotten to return to this and finish the listings, leave comment, and consider adding transcriptions. I’m glad to see some of that has been well served by others including yourself… Something in 2005 must have distracted me. 😏

Re: Cóisir: House Party

I’ve corrected the link to the first tune on track 6 to https://thesession.org/tunes/6911 rather than to the reel of the same name. Still one of my most favourite albums - playing it now as I type.