Within a Mile of Kilty: Traditional Music from North Leitrim

By Ben Lennon, Charlie Lennon, Maurice Lennon, Séamus Quinn, Brian Rooney & John Gordon

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Artists as follows:

1. Seamus Quinn, Ben Lennon, Ciaran Curran, Gabriel McArdle, Charlie Lennon
2. Brian Rooney, Charlie Lennon
3. John Gordon, Charile Lennon
4. Maurice Lennon, Noel O’Grady
5. Seamus Quinn, Charlie Lennon
6. Ben Lennon, Seamus Quinn, Ciaran Curran, Gabriel McArdle, Charlie Lennon
7. Charlie Lennon, Frank Kilkelly
8. Ben Lennon, Noel O’Grady
9. Maurice Lennon, Noel O’Grady
10. John Gordon, Charlie Lennon
11. Ben Lennon, Noel O’Grady
12. Seamus Quinn
13. Brian Rooney, Charlie Lennon
14. Charlie Lennon

Re: Within A Mile Of Kilty

Last tune is titled as Hearty Boys of Ballymote, but more commonly it is known as Bill Collin’s