The Old Fireside Music

By Mike And Mary Rafferty

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  1. Follow Me Down To Galway
    Follow Me Down To Carlow
  2. Dinny Delaney’s
  3. Bonnie Scotland
    The Midnight
  4. The Hard Road To Travel
    Shanks Mare
  5. The Leitrim
  6. Mike Flynn’s
    The Private Ass And Cart
  7. The Millpond
    Andy McGann’s Fancy
  8. The Ashplant
    The Merry Harriers
  9. The May Morning Dew
  10. Tip Toe Home
    Eddie Maloney’s
  11. Doherty’s
    The Dunmore Lasses
  12. Jack Coen’s
    The Swans Among The Rushes
  13. The Stack Of Wheat
  14. Mairtin O’Grady’s Air
    Brendan Tonra’s
  15. Dominick Rooney’s
    The Reel Of Rio
  16. Barrel Rafferty’s
    Paddy Murphy’s
  17. Sandy Mount
    The Star Of Munster

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The Old Fireside Music

This 1998 release captures Mike and Mary Rafferty (and friends and family) at their best with tunes passed down among the generations, played in a straightforward, engaging manner--“style” doesn’t seem like the right word here, the music’s too direct and unpretentious for that.

Mike’s recordings aren’t the easiest to find, but his daughter Mary is the button box player with Cherish the Ladies, so you can get ordering info from (not an advertisement, just a fan passing on the information).

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The Old Fireside Music

This is a favorite album of mine and your description is quite apt. Thanks for posting this.

I just wanted to add that the Raffertys’ albums are also available thorugh Ossian in New Hampshire. (

Just recieved a question about “Doherty’s,” the first tune on track 11. Because “Doherty’s” is listed as an alternative title for The Wise Maid, it links to that tune. But the “Doherty’s” on this cd is actually “The Killarney Boys of Pleasure.”


Mike Rafferty is somewhat infamous for having idiosyncratic names for tunes.

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Just noticed this last comment. Doherty’s as another title for the Killarney Boys of Pleasure is not idiosyncratic. It is named for either the famous County Donegal fiddler, John Doherty (1895-1980) or his brother Mickey, who came from a family of tinkers and musicians. This information I had from Mike Rafferty. Also it is listed on the Fiddler’s Companion. There are several other names for this same reel, as usual. Cheers, Lesl.

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