Ye Lovers All

By Len Graham

  1. When I Was A Bachelor
    Mary McMahon From Drummuck
  2. Lovely Ann
  3. The Crockery Ware
  4. The Rushes Green
  5. The Green Garters
  6. Ye Lovers All
  7. True Lover John
  8. The Lass Of Glenshee
  9. The Lass Fron Killliecrankie
  10. Kane’s Shady Glen
  11. The Frog’s Wedding
  12. Sweet William’s Ghost
  13. The Whiskey Song

Three comments

1984 release on Claddagh (cassette 4CC 41), featuring Fintan McManus on bouzouki and guitar. Graham is one of Northern Ireland’s finest singers and lilters and a member of the fabulous Skylark.

"Len Graham: Ye Lovers All"

Claddagh Records - CC41CD

One of my favourite singers and a damned nice bloke too…