The Big Squeeze: Masters of the Celtic Accordion

By Various Artists

  1. Johnny Allen’s
    Sporting Nell
  2. Miller Of Draughin
    The Humours Of Castlefin
  3. The High
  4. Maids Of Selma
    Larry Redican’s
    Dancing Tables
  5. Crossing The Shannon
    Lad O’Beirne’s
    The Rough Road
  6. Andy M. Stewart’s
    The Harsh February
  7. Desaunay
    The Petticoat I Bought In Mullingar
  8. Sweeney’s Wheel
  9. The Bucks Of Oranmore
  10. The Spike Island Lassies
    The Humours Of Tulla
  11. Lady Lyle
    Liz Carroll’s
  12. La Bastringue
  13. The Connaughtman’s Rambles
    The Cat In The Corner
  14. Master Crowley’s
    Crowley’s #2
  15. Lament For Eoin Rhau
    The March Of The Gaelic Order
  16. The Yellow Tinker
    The Sally Gardens
  17. Tom Fleming’s
    Kitty’s Wedding
    Sean McGuire’s
  18. Jackson’s No. 2
    The Moving Cloud

Two comments

“Masters of the Celtic Accordion: The Big Squeeze”

Green Linnet, 1993 ~ GLCD1093

1.) Billy McComiskey

2.) Paddy O’Brien

3.) Joe Burke

4.) Jimmy Keane

5.) James Keane

6. Phil Cunningham

7. John Whelan

8. Jackie Daly

9.) Joe Burke

10.) Billy McComiskey

11.) Paddy O’Brien

12.) Buttons & Bows = Jackie Daly with Seamus & Manus McGuire

13.) Joe Burke

14.) James Keane

15.) Paddy O’Brien

16.) Billy McComiskey

17.) John Whelan

18.) Phil Cunningham

Re: Masters Of The Celtic Accordion: The Big Squeeze

First issued on vinyl in 1988, SIF 1093.

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